Remember how I told SCC fans to keep an eye out?

Remember how I told you to be ready for something big?

Remember how I let you know that our friends over at SaveTheSCC were planning someting big?!

Well I was right…and it’s Freaking BIG!

Septembers Calendar of EventsSave the SCC’s Freaking big calendar!

The above calendar is so FREAKING BIG it doesn’t even FIT on my page properly…it’s that FREAKING BIG!

So you can find it by going to the following address: Hey look a normal size calendar. With FREAKING BIG plans!

There is a LOT that you can do as you can see. Here are the key links.

Link number one lets you know about: Tells you all about the Big FREAKING PUSH!

Link number two tells you about: The FREAKING BIG not to mention INSANELY Freaking Awesome Giveaway!

Look, I’m a huge SCC fan. I facebook with at least one major contributor to SCC even now. This Big FREAKING PUSH is very important, that’s why it’s lasting into OCTOBER.

You’ll also notice some very important items listed. One of those is Give Back for Sarah Connor Day, I personally think that’s incredibly awesome.

Don’t forget that to celebrate the Release of Season 2 of SCC the Mobile billboard will be in and arund the streets of L.A.!

Le’s face it looking at that calendar there’s something important going on nearly every day it seems this month!


And lest we forgetWith rumblings from a trusted sorce…and recently rumblings from John Connor himself Right here! Seem to be pointing towards a DVD continuation.

It’s time to get on our combat gear and hook up with other Resistance soldiers from around the globe.


Let’s make sure everyone remembers how strong the Resistance can be.

There’s no fate but what we make.