This shouldn’t really come as a huge shock. But the article I will be linking to at the end of the post has confirmed that Terminator 5 is in development.

How can that be you say…the U.S. gross was under 125 million.

Well this is one case in which the world gross means more. The global gross of Salvation was 371 million dollars.

That is a more than fine sum when you consider that the film is anchored on a script affected by the Writers Strike. And is headlined by two leads neither of whom is named Schwarzenegger. In fact it’s a might fine total for a fourth film in a series if you as me.

And Sony has agreed paying off the debt to Pacificor in full with plenty to spare apparently.

Sony of course distributed Salvation overseas, so they are more than happy with its performance.

So where will T5 be headed?

Early rumors are London pre-Judgment Day. But to be entirely honest I’m just looking forward to seeing where the series goes from here.

And they can count on me as being on board for the ride.


Terminator Producers buy time.

Ross Out.