Hey…look who won!

This also happens to be the show FOX should NOT have canceled.

But heck it still kicks ass even after it’s cancellation. And I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing more.

Terminator SCC was Winner in these categories:

Best Drama
Best Returning Show
Most Painful Series Cancellation
Most Under-rated Show
Most Improved Show
Broadcast Show most in need of a move to cable
Fave Actress (Summer Glau)
Most Unwelcome New Character: Riley
Most Wrongly Underused Character: Cameron
Best Badass: Cameron
Best Season Finale
Best on Screen Death Scene: Derek Reese
Best “WTF” Moment: John Connor jumps to a future where nobody has heard of him, and he meets Derek, Kyle, Allison (Terminator: TSCC).
Best Smackdown (Non-Reality show): Cameron Vs. A Police Station
Best Single Episode (Drama) Allison from Palmdale (Hell Yes!)
Best Almost Romantic but not Quite Relationship: John and Cameron

Hey FOX I hope you’re paying attention.

The FANS have indeed spoken.

Please listen.

Ross Out.