Anal Retentive.

And if we can’t admit that we sometimes are exceptionally anal retentive then we’re lying to ourselves. I was just crusing around some messageboards where folks can post their Terminator artwork and was looking at some Salvation and SCC fanposters and lo an behold not more than 6 replies in someone says: The Font is wrong.

Seriously…the font is wrong?!

Oh yes the artwork is brilliant but let’s focus on the font why don’t we.

Of course the same can be said for a great number of rather Anal Retentive discussions like:

Sarah’s hair is Blonde…not it’s Brunette.

Because of a missed date in a draft of the T2 script…we’ve had ongoing discussions of what YEAR T2 takes place in.

Because Edward Furlong (brilliant as he was) was too old to convincingly play a 10 year old, many see him as older.

How many times must a M-79 grenade flip before it becomes armed?

Can a Terminator hold up a blast door by wedging his body under it?

There are so many questions and so many answers that they might be likened to the number of dust motes floating through the air in the log cabin I live in. And that’s an unnumbered amount for those who were wondering.

Is it alright to be anal retentive about all sorts of trivial things and discuss the same things over and over again?

Sure in a way it’s really healthy it shows that the fanbase is still interested in the series in all of its different styles. It shows that we still love Terminator as much as we ever did.

However by getting bogged down in minutiae it can also lead to dissatisfaction. It can lead to changing of your own feelings about films, actors, screenwriting and directional choices. It can dampen you feelings to the films.

It could even make you see the films in ways you’ve never imagined.

But seriously, you got the font wrong…that’s a little too Anal if you ask me.

Ross Out.