Hey guys I just wanted to pimp out a project I’ve been involved in as a Creative Consultant now for a good while. It is very much a passion project for Director/Executive Producer/Writer Fergle Gibson and Producer Luke M Rowe and has been in the works for a long time.

Payne and Redemption is back!!

Follow this link to the official blog and get involved. And if you get involved cool shit will happen.

Payne and Redemption! Be a part of History!

It’s been a long haul but we are determined to finish the project and share it with all you folks who have waited for so long just like us.

Join us.

But how?

Clink the link after the break that’s how.

It’s VERY easy to get involved and if you get involved you’ll get you name in the credits. All you have to do is DONATE!…Donate, donate dooonaaate!

You see this is a not for profit film but films don’t make themselves we need funds in order to make the whole project as Ass Kicking as possible.

So follow that donate link and DONATE.

With strong support we’ll see the the project through to the end.