From what I could tell Southland was looking to be a fantastic and authentic series about the Police force in L.A. It was therefore destined to be a dark and gritty show because Police Officers in L.A. to be frank face some pretty graphic, dark disturbing shit.

The series creators showed the first four episode scripts with NBC bigwigs and were given the go ahead to film them thus starting the second season.

However now the show has been Cancelled.

Why? Because the first four episodes were too dark.

The series creators of course were more than a little confused as they had filmed the exact same scripts that the big wigs had approved. If I didn’t know that Southland was on NBC, I’d call this very Foxian.

However as much as I do feel the pain of the Southland fans I’d like to point out one difference between NBC and FOX in regards to cancellation.

As whacked out and stupid as the cancellation was, not to mention the reason behind it.

At least you KNOW WHY the show was canceled.

Us Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles fans still have no fucking idea why our show got canceled.

Hey Fox we’ll even take some really stupid reason like oh It was getting to dark..

Or how about: The writing of the last few episodes was some of the best in the entire series, but with the break coming up we don’t know if they could have kept it up so we canceled the show so the writers would no longer need to worry.

Or you could just swallow some humble pie and offer up the truth:

We, the Fox Broadcasting Company fully admit that we made a huge mistake by canceling Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. We should have stuck with the Connors through the low ratings and not angered the GLOBAL fanbase. However we have no souls and just love producing promising Sci-Fi shows and then yanking them away see Dark Angel and Firefly. This will probably continue since we can’t schedule worth a damn and Dollhouse is digging a ratings grave. We are inept and we will likely be inept forever.

We fully recognize that Season 2 DVD sales for SCC were pretty danged good. Maybe we’ll be smart enough to make a DVD movie continuation, but since we’re being honest…probably not. Right now the Terminator rights are tangled up anyway. But you know what, you guys deserve a reason for the series ending when it had become smart as hell and here it is.

We’re a bunch of idiots.



Will we ever see that in reality, probably not.

But we can always hope.

Southland fans at least you got a reason.

Ross Out.