I haven’t talked about my own writing in the Terminator universe for a while simply because I wasn’t sure where my plans stood to be entirely honest. Now that I look to be staying in one place for at least the next few months I’m going to be getting back to work on Terminator 6: Rogue Future.

RF is my third and final future war script and it brings my future trilogy to a close. It covers the time from directly after Terminator 5: Ashes of War until a time beyond 2032.

It will feature:

Pandemic Disease

Battle plans
Important Children
Skynet (As a credible and nigh on unstoppable threat).
Unexpected Actions
Unexpected Reactions
The T-X lethal and in it’s elements within the Future War battlefield
New Machines
New Resistance Tech
And a whole bunch of new ideas.

I’m pulling out all the stops and not looking back. In other words you may not like this future, but this future is based on ideas shared with me by a certain big name behind the franchise. And thus far the scripts have made him very happy, and I have also been more than satisfied with the results.

So brace yourselves, it’s gonna get very hot around here with all kind of mayhem soon enough.

Until next time.

Ross Out.