Some people have asked how I plot a story/script/idea and since I do like to reveal some of my secrets I’ve decided to show you the earliest stage of plotting for me. I call it Rogue Future in # of Pages.

Basically it’s a very bare bones treatment style, it’s the spine of the entirety of the story in single line sentences taking up each significant plot point.

As it stands this document covers 3 and 3/4 pages of college ruled pages in a 3 subject notebook, back and front.

Page one looks something like this:

T6: Rogue Future (Color Coded Outlook)*

Judgment Day/Wasteland (Flashback/Dream Sequence)
T-X uses the radio
Derek tries to hack the antenna/Destruction of New Haven/Jordan’s Death
T-X Acquires vehicle begins to drive to L.A.
Derek and Dr. Silberman team up.
Grandpa Phil Dies/Michelle Connor Dies/Funeral/One Month Overview

T-X arrives at L.A. Resistance H.Q. (as Jordan)
Using the Bomb Scanner at L.A.X./Tested by Dogs
What the airport scanner revealed.
Derek and Dr. Silberman arrive at H.Q.
Not to be disturbed.
Family Reunion.
She’s not human…yet she bleeds.
Do my eyes deceive me/Internal power/Satellite switch.
2 Year time passage/T-X (Jordan’s) broken leg heals/Kyle Recovers/Derek joins the new 127th/A series of victories/ new H.Q. under Las Vegas Nevada.
T-800’s everywhere.
Face for a 101 Model
T.D.E. Testing/New location/Secured
Regardless we’ll make it by 2029.
Did the T-850 lie?
Date keeping misery.
Wars and rumors of wars.
127th stacks dead metal.
Realities of a dying fight.
Kyles second near death experience.
Pulled to Private duty.
Save the waitress…save the world.
You need this picture more than me.

*=This version is not color coded. My handwritten one is: Green for human story, Red for Skynet/Machine and Orange for both…oh and big and thick and black for natural disasters and incidents.

And that all happens on page one of 3 and 3/4ths.

That is how my plots begin for any planned story.

And now you know.

Ross Out.