Well I suppose we should have expected this sooner or later. What with the Harlan Ellison/Terminator shenanigans where he was accused of Plagiarism.

In the end he put an acknowledgment to the works of Harlan Ellison blurb in the credits.

Now it appears the plot of Avatar (beside being been there done that) may have been pilfered from a classic SF Short titled Call Me Joe by author Poul Anderson.

Here’s the plot synopsis:

Call Me Joe centers on a paraplegic — Ed Anglesey — who telepathically connects with an artificially created life form in order to explore a harsh planet (in this case, Jupiter). Anglesey, like Avatar’s Jake Sully, revels in the freedom and strength of his artificial created body, battles predators on the surface of Jupiter, and gradually goes native as he spends more time connected to his artificial body.

Well that seems rather blatant doesn’t it.

What will come of it? Will Fox put some kind of credit in Avatars credits?

Or will Cameron just continue to be the 800 pound silverback and claim the world is his…and all the ideas therein.

We’ll have to wait and see.

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Ross Out.