I know a great many complained about the way John Connor was written in T3: RoTM, however I don’t to be honest understand why. You see having just watched the film again for I’d guess somewhere in the hundredths of times, I realized that his character arc is in fact deeper than in T2.

Yeah I went there.

Allow me to explain T3’s Connor is very different from anyplace I thought they’d take Johns’ character. When we first meet him he’s a homeless person, living wherever his motorcycle takes him. Because as far as he can tell he’s taken Skynet off the map through the destruction of Cyberdyne in T2.

This makes him into a nobody. He no longer has a point, his reason for being has been eliminated, and now he’s a man without a place in this world because his actions taken along with the others in T2 at Cyberdyne effectively as far as he can tell has killed Skynet.

Having been a homeless person I can speak to the fact that while alone one loves the order and comfort of knowing just how your day is going to go and it is quite clear that John is loving the way his life is. He likes not having to be concerned about Skynet, Terminators and Nuclear War.

So when that world erupts violently back into being, John understandably so IMHO, doesn’t want to believe it. Even though he has his original mission back, he is now at a point in his life where he’s been comfortable just living. Doing what he’s wanted day in and day out, to want to fight the re-emergence of his reality.

And as his day continues he realizes that he wasn’t meant to be anonymous, he wasn’t meant to be a nobody, he was meant to be a leader. He was meant to fight, to try and stop Nuclear War from happening. To try and stop Skynet and the Machines.

However when he finally gets back in the game so to speak The Terminator says they must escape. Flee. And hide underground. Because it’s John’s destiny.

Son no after clawing out of that anonymity, and wanting to go on the offensive. After taking up his mantle of leadership The Terminator in essence is saying: It’s your destiny to be homeless. It’s your destiny to fight from underground. It’s your destiny to survive.

When John cannot convince The Terminator to try and stop Skynet it ends up being Kate who does.

Once John has taken his steps back into his leadership role he doesn’t go back, he keeps going forwards. He makes Bombs in the back of the R.V., they keep Brewster alive long enough to find a safe Haven, John uses technology to trap the T-X (for a time). He’s certain that when they get to Crystal Peak they can blow the place to hell.

He’s going to prove The Terminator wrong.

John is back being a leader. He’s not a leader again because he’s TOLD to be heroic, he’s a leader again because he CHOSE to be heroic.

However he does end up underground. That is how he survives, and how he is in a position to at some time in the future start the Resistance.

I’d say that’s quite a character arc.

I’d say people hated it…because it’s not the John they were hoping for, I embrace it because it is an entirely logical way for John to have evolved as a character after T2.

That’s just part of the reason I love T3.

Ross Out.