1: This was a terminator film right? Then why did we only see like 3 terminators? IF this is the big war then shouldnt there big terminators everywhere you look? Where was the T-700? I know i saw a toy for one in walmart but yet didnt see it in the movie. too many questions and plot holes this movie created.

Answers: Yes it was. Because the Machines had all but wiped out humanity, why waste valuable resources. See last reply…this is the part that Kyle mentions in T1…the part where humans were on the verge of going out forever.

2: Yeah it sucked. Doesn’t look anything like the post apocalyptic future from the first movie either, wheres the nuclear winter?

Hello they haven’t learned to fight at night. Also Nuclear Winter has come and gone, and it also looks like said Nuclear exchanged has totally fucked up the weather patterns judging by all the damned rain in Salvation.

3: Terminator Salvation was fantastic on the level of art design — the terminators move so well in this film, it puts the earlier films to shame (but that can’t be helped, the originals didn’t have this level of visual effects quality available to them).

And as far as the story goes, Salvation was a nice mix of Resident Evil Extinction, Mad Max, and the Terminator series. If it had just retreaded the Terminator story of “machine chases after hero” I’d have been bored.

Instead, it was a war story, and a good one — all the themes of typical war stories are here: heroes crossing enemy lines, questions of loyalties and identity, romance, sacrifice… If Bogart could have been in any Terminator movie, he would have been in Terminator Salvation.

Answer: Fuck yes! And I’m borrowing your last sentence for my new sig.

4: I liked this one. I know I’m in the minority but I thought this was a very great movie. The action was fantastic and it sets up perfectly for the next film, if there is one.

Answer: Damn right, I can’t wait for a sequel either.

5: Was John Connor’s wife in this one ?

Answer: Yes.

6: Somebody please terminate this franchise.

Answer: Sorry but no. The franchise once DVD sales are done will have netted approximately One and a half BILLION Dollars so it’s not gonna happen. Besides with the war ongoing at the end of Salvation ending it would piss people off even more.

7: This should have been an R rating in the first place so you knew that the directors cut would have added something to it…..

Answer: Hell yes it should have! I just rewatched T3 which I love and there is no way in hell that it should be rated R over Salvation.

8: My only complaint with the movie was that the promotion campaign gave away the reveal of Marcus’ character. Watching the movie most have him figured out prior to the reveal, but that is how it should be, not going in already knowing.

Again, the negativity for this film escapes me. So what if it was PG13, so what if McG directed it. Save for less F-bombs and bareass timetravel entries, the film was every bit as violent and action packed as the previous films. The effects were light years beyond anything done previous. Bryce Dallas in less screen time as “Kate” totally makes you forget Clair Dane’s tepid performance of T3 and don’t even get me started on Stahl’s junky, “I don’t want to be John Connor” performance; Bale in one growl encompassed everything I had imagined Connor to be from the quick glimpse shown in T2.

Answer: 100 percent agreed. (Bar the T3 Stahl Connor comments).

And that’s it.

Ross Out.