*Based on a thread of the same coherence and title at iMDB.

Here we go again let’s see how many stupid things we can…erm un-stupefy for folks…

1. You can actually connect a usb device to a alien robot and also you can override it’s operating system (probably windows xp)!

If you were playing close attention that was NOT a USB slot on the Mototerminator or the DOORS at Skynet Central. Have we also forgotten that John and his men has massive Programming and technical skills. Apparently we have.

2. Aliens write English Numbers on their walls!

First there are no aliens in this move. Second ALL of the facilities we see are human made and designed, even a good chunk of Skynet Central is re-purposed HUMAN buildings. The odds of human buildings having numbers is quite good.

3. Arnold schwarzenegger always shows up nude on his first appearance on each terminator movie.

Good eyes! Yes he does. What’s the point of dressing Terminators?

4. After finding out that you can cast a frequency signal in order to shut the robots down don’t even bother to bring a casting device with you on a rescue mission!

Except there is NO evidence to support it actually works. The Hydrobot was fodder. The Aerial H/K was commanded by Skynet to crash. EVERY time they show the SIGNAL WORK it is accompanied by a screen that says SIMULATION. The only way that signal actually works is as a TRACKING DEVICE for SKYNET.

5. in 2018 people listen to radio devices that belong to 1980s.

Yes they do…because they happen to be the ones they get to work.

6. A robot can have a heart! How stupid is that!

So stupid that the Terminators had Organs in the Treatment for The Terminator. In fact Terminators would HAVE TO HAVE ORGANS of some kind. Or their skin would die and their hair would fall out all over the place.


7: The only way to kill John Connor is to create a robot that sends him to a Terminator Facility guarded by two Terminators! That’s the only way.

I doubt it was the ONLY way…it was the only way that was shown here. And let’s be honest the odds of Marcus heart being good enough for anything even IF it were restarted is infinitesimal at best. Connor should have died….and I would have actually preferred that.

8. Nobody would send in a heliborne assault with a functioning SPAAG only 100 yards away and the A-10s still struggling to suppress it.

Unless they’re desperate mother fuckers on the verge of going out forever.

9. If the CM was hit by the SPAAG, it would not continue inbound to hit it’s target.

Apparently the Resistance has mad skills.

10. The VLA in Arizona has ZERO utility as a military installation, let alone an installation /below which/ is buried a command and control and R&D site which is somehow accessible via a giant hole after the CM blew it up.

I keep telling people it’s that VLA. And Skynet could have made quite a few changes between 2004 and 2018 to just what is under there.

11. Everything about the Transforminator.

Oh you mean the Harvester. Who doesn’t transform at all, bar it’s gun moving into position. It was designed to intimidate and grab…it did a good job of intimidating and grabbing.

12. Everything about the Harleynator.

Oh you mean the Mototerminator. It was designed for fast pursuit and tagging and herding of human vehicles. One shot from it’s plasma cannon pretty much fucked the Tow Trucks engine. I’d say it did a mighty fine job.

13. The total lack of a believable logistics system for either side. Who makes the robots that make the robots? Where does Connor get 10,000lbs of fuel per A-10 sortie?

The humans made the Machines that made the machines, could you not tell that the machines had re-purposed an old human factory. Also it is revealed in the book that they are VERY low on fuel reloads etc. Humans are on the verge of going out forever.

14. Fighting in the daylight with No Ozone Layer to shield you from the UV -after- Kyle Reese said ‘you stay down during the day’. It was a simple and ingenious way to get around the ‘Terminators have IR’ quote.

They haven’t learned to fight at night yet, get over it.

15. Terminators have IR. Let’s light a fire.

Especially when we’re a LONG LONG WAY from either Skynet or Resistance Territory.

16. Nobody sets down in a hot LZ with valuable helicopters. We lost something like 5,000 of the things in Vietnam that way. Nor do you get off a helicopter and do a glory shot for the camera. Ignoring the whole Demille Close Up schtick, that chopper is gonna be OUTTA THERE for both threat and return sortie (more fuel, more troops, more ammo) reasons.

While I agree with most of your points there was no damned point for said helicopter to lift off again as I’ve just stated a few points earlier…they’re low on a shit load of resources.

17. If you are transmitting you are triangulateable. A sub doesn’t transmit because it’s principle protection is stealth, it has very short antenna masts (to clear the local horizon with) and RF doesn’t go through water real well. Thus Connor should have been killable by the same missile which killed the sub, long ago. The V-22 should never have been able to -find- the sub to send it a signal while it was submerged and the whole idea of using the sub as a source node for this miracle spoof signal is ridiculous on it’s face.

That’s exactly why the Humans are so freaking idiotic. They use the signal anyway without checking on it at all.

18. Nobody wear’s black leather in a desert.

You wear whatever damn clothes you find after Judgment Day.

19. Both slutty girl and boy toy hero should have been dead as doornails given the way the fight developed.

When ones a Terminator and the other’s a hardass you know they’re both going to survive handily.

20. Slutty Girl shouldn’t have put down her gear and /would not/ have had a ‘spare set of clothes’ in her ejection seat.

What set of spare clothes? She took off her coat to reveal what she was already wearing.

21. Connor throws away assets like salt over his shoulder: A-10s, Helos yet is famous for saving human lives.

You can save lives without materiel. Eventually you’ll run out of ways to keep it going or armed…like THEY WERE.

22. General Ashdown was right. If Connor hadn’t been The Designated Hero his ideas would have been completely unsupported by real life outcomes.

Connor has to survive until 2029 that is all. Or does he?

23. Slutty Girl was a designated bunny but what was Connor’s excuse? NOTHING had changed with regards to Wright being a Terminator, likely trying to get Connor to trust him so he could kill him. And even if EVERYTHING Wright said was true, Connor had no reason to believe that Reese was alive or indeed that he had to repeat the loop _because this was a new future_. A future in which Wright’s intel was several days old and Connor KNEW that Skynet likely was aware of who Kyle Reese was. Because it had put him on the top of it’s _Kill List_, by name. Knowing all this, Connor can still win by defeating Skynet before it can create Time Displacement. But he cannot win if he tries to rescue a dead man and ends up dead himself.

All very true. But family, and human emotion very often get in the way of reacting normally let alone smartly.

24. Connor was dead the instant a 6″ thick door hit him in the face hard enough to send both door and man flying backwards 10+ft.

Totally agreed. And if nothing else his spine was fractured or snapped after he was tossed into the METAL CORNER moments later.

26. Skynet has no reason not to kill Connor outside the complex with every defensive measure it has. Inside the complex it also has no reason to fight so poorly with just one, naked, unit.

Agreed. But he should’ve died anyway if nothing else from a completely destroyed heart.

27. Connor talking about Terminator weak spots gives instant backfeed to Skynet on how to correct them. This is why the truth must have a bodyguard of lies in war. This is why we did NOT always ‘find’ enemy forces that had been revealed by Ultra or Magic and did NOT always hold back our forces from attacking ships or trains that we KNEW had POWs on them.

Very much agreed. This could also in his passion be where he revealed that Kyle Reese will be his father in a prior broadcast.

28. Apparently everyone’s forgot about the whole ‘boarding a submarine underwater’ thing.

That’s because it surfaced idiot. We just don’t see that happen.

29. If Skynet tracked and recorded everything that Marcus Wright saw, then surely Skynet would know where the Resistance base is and would send in an army to destroy it?

Sure in the next movie.

The End…Ross Out.