What an interesting set of circumstances.

1997: Terminator Rights come up for auction. Cameron is working on Titanic let’s Fox Bid. They of course WOEFULLY underbid.

From that we get IMHO and ironically Camerons (on T3) as well damn good couple of films.

2009: Cameron is working on his first actual film since Titanic. The Terminator rights go up for sale again. What will happen?

Some fans say he abandoned the franchise and let it fall into the hands of people milking the franchise for money.

He said he was simply done with Terminator.

Some fans are HOPING for a second coming of sorts of Cameron to Terminator.

I say don’t hold your breath. Everyone…aka all the majors are getting in on this auction with Sony Studios being the front runner. And regardless of who purchases the franchise I can promise that with nigh on 1.5 BILLION bucks thus far another Terminator film WILL eventually be made.

Wil Cameron redeem himself in the eyes of the fans? And if he does will we get a Terminator movie in 3D using the Tech from Avatar?

Only time will tell.

Ross Out.