For the longest time I’ve been convinced that there is not just one let alone two Terminator Machines withe the ability to fire Plasma Cannons and use them in Terminator Salvation.

One I’m not even going to bother with because it’s so exceedingly obvious. However I will say without visual proof to back it up that the Aerial H/K have a big huge Plasma Gun on it.

I will note however before we back it up about 4 mins of screentime that it is very interesting that we see all the vehicles the FIRE Plasma Weapons in one set of kickass scenes.

Machine number two is of course…the Harvester.

Harvester POV

The Yellow dots indicate Plasma Buildup.

And moments later the Jeep does this…

This will not end well.

This will not end well.

A Big boom happens next in case you’d forgotten.

Then the Harvester targets this poor station wagon.

That WAS a station wagon.

Note the Plasma Lightning coming from the explosion.

And then standing tall…

Standing Plasma Shot.

The Harvester fires.

And this happens to the poor Camper…

Holy Hellfire and Brimstone!

OUCH! Pretty Plasma Lightning though.

But enough of the usual suspects I found the true culprit that almost committed the ultimate in badassery.

Pray…who approaches?

Hey who blew up the bridge?!

Yonder Badass MotorTerminator comes.

And he comes packing TWIN Plasma Cannons.

He charges his weapon…

Firing Back

Charging Plasma Shot

Fires back on the tow truck…

And Fires!

Full charged Plasma Shot En Route!

Inside the cab there is some consternation…

In the cab...impact!

This cannot be good for the engine.

Returning to the rear of the vehicle the Mototerminator lines up its next target…KYLE REESE!

Ready to fire on Kyle.

Mototerm Ready to take out Kyle!

Charge is full…

Ready to fire!

Charge at 99.9 percent.

And then it fires two blasts!

Dual Fire Mode!

The Mototerminator fires TWO shots at Kyle!

And this is how close we come to having the guts to change the future…

Holy Jebus!


Holy Jebus 2!


Holy Jebus 3!


I rest my case.

There is a third Machine vehicle that uses plasma blasts in Terminator: Salvation and it is the Mototerminator.