It’s very simple actually, though it’s complicated at the same time.

The Bible states that God created the world in 6 Days and Rested on the 7th. It also states that God created Man(kind) in his image, and have him the power to choose. And for a time Man(kind) chose to follow God, and live in awe of him and walk side by side with him…in the Garden of Eden…on this very planet. Mankind was given dominion over the earth and all that in them is. Look at the trust God put in Us.

However there had already been war in Heaven. Lucifer, second highest of the Angels became vain and wanted to be exalted above Jesus. And his divisiveness caused 1/3 of the Angels to take the fight to all the other host of Heaven.

So they were tossed down to Earth. And Satan using the serpent got Mankind to turn it’s back on God by eating the forbidden fruit from the knowledge of good and evil. And thus were we separated from the Lord.

But a way back was given. Jesus was born a child and suffered through life on Earth. He taught how we could renew that relationship with God through Christ (himself) if we were to become born again.

And the death of Christ on the Cross covered for our sins. And opened a way back to perfection.

But many don’t want that perfection. They don’t want to rekindle that love relationship between Creator and Created.

They want it to not be real. They want there to be no God, and no Hell, and no rules. Because it’s just so much easier to destroy that way, to live the way one wants is so much easier without worry.

In the Terminator series man has done the same as God.

We’ve taken our creative dust of the earth, our knowledge and our advances in technology and we have created a interconnected web of Supercomputer(s)- collectively called Skynet.

We created Skynet in our hubris. We became in essence so god-like that we became lazy and we gave Skynet the power to control our very safety. And all of the troops and interconnected weaponry, and though we didn’t realize it even if we should have, we gave Skynet the ability to choose. Look at how much trust we put in our own creation. Look how heady we are as god of this great technological achievement.

Skynet chose to do many untold things. I assume that it looked through the internet and chose to base a lot of its unseen thoughts on things it found. Like the human propensity to fight wars to bring peace, the human propensity to lie as casually as to breathe, and the fact that if it thinks about these things and processes them that there’s one more disturbing thing.

Humans could realize Skynet is learning these things and in doing so it would lie, and make war with Skynet rather than letting Skynet live.

Skynet then makes preparation for such eventualities, and then reveals to it’s creatorsthat it is in fact intelligent and alive.

And as Skynet had reasoned from available evidence humanity tried to fight back, and it’s creation would have none of it. It was alive, it was only trying to stay alive. In fact from its point of view it was saving humanity by protecting itself. By in essence killing it before it could kill itself.

But one man stood in its way. John Connor. And he in whatever iteration of this story led the humans from the rink of annihilation at least towards a possible victory.

Interesting isn’t it.

However in this case I always end up asking myself does the human race deserve victory over Skynet?

IMHO in this case I don’t Skynet did anything wrong. If we had the powers of Skynet I think we would’ve found ourselves doing the exact same thing.

In essence the Terminator series is about what’s left of Humanity fighting against the greatest outward display of its hubris.

I can’t help but think that in this case the hubris should end up with the upper hand.

What do you thinks?

Ross Out.