First of all I’d like to debunk a huge misconception which if you’d read the novel…and they’d filmed the novel you’d already know.

The T-X was NOT sent back because Skynet was loosing the war.

In fact in the T3 Future the human resistance is about to get their asses finally and totally kicked, bar an act of God or ridiculous contrivance.

They’ve lost their last encoded Satellite.

Skynet has pretty much totally overhauled its Units into insanely highly efficient killers.

They’ve wasted their last nuke in and attempt to blow up the Skynet Core.

The T-X is sent back to ensure that the Resistance is finished off EVEN SOONER…by taking out a number of Johns Lt’s.

Skynet sends the T-X using it’s Continuum Transporter…and the Resistance make a last ditch effort to stop this gambit by using THEIR Continuum Transporter for what will most likely be the final time.

Skynet will in all probability burn the place to the ground and all hope will be lost.

But humanity has no choice, they’ve lost the war for all intents and purposes, perhaps they can stop themselves from loosing the war earlier.

But according to the book they’re as good as done.

Their last attempt to take out Skynet has failed, and soon enough the Resistance will be finished.


The war was hardcore while it lasted.

Ross Out.