In a massive piece on Avatar Total Film magazine asked Jim Cameron about his thoughts on Terminator Salvation.

What did you think of Terminator Salvation?
It didn’t quite have the emotional power that it should have had. I thought Sam was great, very powerful, and Christian… people have criticised him for being one-note but that’s part of the character. He was playing a guy who’s furiously dedicated to the survival of the human species. Maybe more could have been done with that. In T2 we showed the consequences. It drove Sarah insane.

Was McG the man for the job?
McG’s a strong shooter and he honoured the iconic touchstones of the first two movies – almost too much. I actually felt Salvation is like Aliens, in that it’s a fan making a sequel to a movie they loved.

Sounds like he quite likes Terminator Salvation but it didn’t live up to his expectations. Comparing it to his making of Aliens though is extra nice.

The Total Film Website: Brill Magazine!

Having seen some of Avatar on my nice TV finally I must say that it at least looks better…I’m still not sold on much else though. I hope I like it.

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