Terminator Salvation: Cold War by Greg Cox was released on October 20th here is the overview from Amazon.com.

We Fight Back

Russia 2003. When it appears that the United States has unleashed its entire nuclear arsenal upon the world, Captain Dmitri Losenko, commander of the nuclear submarine Gorshkov, has no choice but to retaliate. His target? Alaska.

Alaska 2018. Fighting for survival in the frozen wilderness, Molly Kookesh struggles to protect her makeshift Resistance cell from the Terminators. Inspired by John Connor’s radio broadcasts and following a brutal encounter with a fearsome machine, she decides it’s time to fight back…

An official novel exploring the post-judgment day world of the hit movie Terminator ® Salvation™.

Terminator Salvation: Cold War

I will be getting my copy as soon as I get back into town. And I’m looking forward to more of the Salvation Future.

However there’s something even more exciting coming next summer from the writer of the movie Prequel Timothy Zahn.

Terminator Salvation: Trial By Fire

Why am I so hyped about a book that doesn’t hit till July 13th of next year?

Here’s the description:

Following the dramatic events of Terminator Salvation, a recovering John Connor grants Barnes permission to return to the destroyed VLA lab and bury his brother, killed in the explosive opening of the movie. At the ruins Barnes and Blair Williams hunt through the debris for the remains of their comrade but instead uncover a mysterious cable leading up into the mountains. The two Resistance fighters head into the wilderness to investigate.

What the pair discovers is an entire village that appears largely untouched by Judgment Day and its aftermath. Suspicious of the villagers, Barnes and Blair decide to dig deeper….

An official novel exploring the post-Judgment Day world of the hit movie Terminator Salvation.

Now THIS sounds very awesome and intriguing. I’m hoping it pick up on a lot of the themes that were shot but cut from Salvation…especially the Project Angel subplot and it seems like there’s a good chance of that.

After reading From The Ashes though I have no doubts that this is going to be one excellent read.

I’ll be getting Trial By Fire for my Birthday.

Terminator Salvation: Trial By Fire.

And don’t forget the books always contain more information to solidify the future worlds we enjoy; and make them come to life that much more.

Ross Out.