The newest piece of Terminator fiction has begun to rather quickly germinate in my mind. The creative juices are totally flowing at the moment and this should be an exceptionally interesting and fascinating project.

What is the Project?

The Project is going to be about the events of The Terminator series from Skynet’s Perspective.

What is the current state of the project?

TBH we’re going to be getting cracking on the story rather soon. The nature of the project is large, and it will out of necessity be rather complex as there is a LOT to tell.

What inspired the project?

Quite simply the lack of fiction based on this side of the conflict. We know very little about Skynet and its design. The who, why, where and what fors are all for the most part unknown. That leaves a tremendous blank slate to begin filling.

Will you be intertwining various story-lines and characters that are in place?

Of course. All of the chracters that you’re familiar with will be involved in the story you’ll jsut be seeing them from an entirely new perspective.

How will you explain away seeming inconsistencies within the franchise?

As I’ve already stated we know VERY LITTLE about Skynet. About what it is. What it becomes. How it changes after the events of T2 along with what it becomes in the future because of events that changed the present and thusly the future.

Will it be controversial?

You bet. All the Terminator fiction I write is controversial and this will be no different I am quite certain that elements of the unfolding narrative will piss off people and intrigue people to equal measure. But IMHO if the series doesn’t allow for innovation than it becomes stale. And hearing Skynet/The Militaries side of things should be very interesting indeed.

What’s the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)?

I’d say approximately two good long years…maybe more. We’ll see. This is early going and an estimate before a word has been written.

Finally…do you have a title in mind?
It could be titled The Skynet Files it could also be titled When I was Alive and Just Doing My Job humans Freaked out and Shit Happened. Suffice it to say a title is nebulous at the moment but it will recieve one at the appropriate time.

Ross Out.