That’s right Future War fans the first look at the new Terminator Future is slamming onto DVD with the concussive force of a Harvester Plasma Blast!

Terminator Salvation is here on DVD and Blu-Ray!

I really can’t wait to get my copy in fact since I’m going into town tomorrow I might just spring for a copy. However since I’m not tech savvy and have not the money for a Blu-Ray player I’ll be stuck with the short end of the WB stick.

The dreaded Single Disc DVD…that’s right Single Disc.

I sense a Double Dip in the future…that said there’s no way in hell I’m not going to get it.

The Single Disc comes with one measly Special Feature about how they brought the Mototerminators to life.

That said a little bird told me that TARGET STORES are going to be selling a EXCLUSIVE 2-DISC that has practically everything the Blu-Ray has.

And what does the Blu-Ray have?

Theatrical and Directors Cut.
Maximum Movie Mode Commentary with McG.
The Moto-Terminator Featurette.
Re-Forging the Future: About how they Reinvented the Franchise.

One has to remember that Salvation was technically the old Reboot-a-rama. So it’ll be interesting to see what if anything happens next. Other than spectacular DVD sales numbers that is.

So grab your copy. And lets watch some Terminator.

Ross Out.