Now don’t get me wrong I unequivocally LOVE Terminator Salvation. I find it to be a fantastic film. Giving off an eerie Future War vibe not to mention a feeling that you the viewer are in danger of getting your head minigunned or Plasma Cannoned off. In fact I find much to like it this glimpse of the future war.

However…that does not mean I’m happy with everything to do with Terminator Salvation.

Case in point the DVD.


Sure I get my brilliant film…and a scene selection menu and a sound menu…and…wait a second.

This Menu is so cheap fanboys could’ve done it better!

Hell the could’ve done the Special Features better because on Regular DVD…There Are NONE!

That’s right Zip.



Look guys for a 4th film in a series with no real previous stars in it Salvation did very well in global Box Office.

How about giving us more…to say you know Thanks.*

And now Halcyon is…

Selling of COSTUMES and PROPS used in Salvation!

Seriously guys…you’re treading on very thin ice here with me.

Just…what the hell. Come on guys. You’re totally loosing face with a die hard.
And you’re pricing them FAR out of the reach of Fans who once again you should be THANKING for even supporting Salvation.

Good Lord.

I am pissed.

Ross Out.

*= If the reason for the Fan Edit style DVD is to give us a kick ass Project Fueled Double Dip then you’ll have my attention and my money.