Today McG chatted with fans during the BD-Live chat event screening and invitation/sign up only event. Where folks would view the BD of Salvation and be able to ask questions of McG at the same time.

Items are pulled from reports at i09 i09 coverage…and some comments for clarification from the Terminatorfiles Messageboards.

Let’s get the obligatory why you named McG out of the way first.

He explains his mom actually came up with the idea to call him McG

6:46: OK, now it works again. McG is talking about how they wanted to vary up the ethnicities of the survivors.

On the boob shot.

6:53: They’re back. Oh they missed the boob scene. McG says he didn’t want to make it the “gratuitous titty shot in a genre film.”

6:54: He had to cut out some stuff like a screwdriver attack to make it a PG-13 in the theatrical release.

6:57: Question: how do you feel about making the horrible Charlie’s Angels films?

6:57: McG: “I really like those movies. If you don’t like them you can fuck off.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Could Robert Patrick a good friend of McG be in T5 here’s the first hint:
7:02: In answering a question about if Robert Patrick (T-1000) would be in a future movie. McG said that he might be, if there was a scientist that wanted to model a Terminator after himself. (Yes, he took that base idea from Terminator 3, in case you were wondering.)

Oh and guess what…

7:13: He just announced that he’s making another Terminator movie. Seriously.

Oh and guess what:

7:16: Oh and for those people who are punching themselves in the face that he’s making another one? He said he’s making one after that.

Yes that’s right…and I’m LOVING IT!

7:38: McG says once the T800 goes out, it’s “curtains” for the resistance.

7:43: Wow, McG just dissed the third movie. Seriously? “We just tried to introduce credibility.” Holy. Fuck. He thinks his movie is better than the third movie.

My note Salvation IS better than the third movie…IMHO it’s also better than all the others. Yeah I went there.


7:46: He says Sarah Connor is going to be in the next film, but he’s not sure how he’s going to pull that off.

7:52: McG talks about how he could have made a “dark ending” and ended the franchise by having [spoiler] Connor wake up from the transplant and shoot everyone else. Then it fades to black and the franchise is done.

From the boards at T-Files some as expected DETAILED FILES.

McG first took a question about his contribution to the franchise, and he talked about respecting what Jim and Mostow, while adding his own flavor.

He compared Serena to Dyson, in that her work will lead to the fall of mankind.

Someone asked why the Resistance is an organized fighting force, rather than the rag tag force we saw in the other films, and he responded that it was a conscious choice to make them a better equipped fighting force.

-This film is primarily Marcus’ film. What does it mean to be human? What separates us from machines?

-Bale did NOT us his Batman voice. The Batman voice is actually digitally altered for the Batman films. Connor’s voice is purely Bale in the film.

-Many of Bryce Dallas Howard’s scenes were cut. McG felt that many of the scenes did not service the story line very well.

-Kate and John grew very close in the time between T3 and T:Salvation. Her pregnancy will be touched on in future film(s).

-Linda Hamilton was very cooperative and supportive in her role with the audiotapes.

-McG referred to Los Angeles itself as a “character” in the film, as the city is featured in all of the films.

-McG was very meticulous in the sound design on the film. They recorded many things in real time, from jets to tanks to various other machinery.

-McG challenged himself to create a worthy “chase” sequence, and worked very hard to make sure the Harvester/Mototerminator sequence was a big scene in the film.

-McG said it was very difficult to follow Cameron’s work, since it is so highly regarded. He said he couldn’t make everyone happy.

-McG is very critical of the film, and on numerous occasions stated that he hated certain shots or lines of dialogue.

Now, here are the very juicy details that many of us have been waiting for. To his credit, McG spoke about alot of the criticisms of the films, as well as giving hints for the future of the franchise.

-The T-700s were not in the film as to not confuse the audience too much. McG said he was torn as to whether or not to include the, but ultimately decided not too. The audience knew about the 600s from Kyle mentioning them in the first film, and obviously of the 800s. He felt it was unnecessary to include T-700s, and that it would ultimately be too much.

-Marcus does not have a specific model number. He is a one-off, a prototype. That said, someone asked a question about the mysterious figures looking down on all the captive humans. McG was proud someone noticed them, and said that they were a tease about others in the vain of Marcus. (other hybrids)

-When Marcus jumps down after talking to Serena, there is in fact another Arnold-skinned T-800 behind him. McG again praised the eagle-eyed fans who noticed this.

-On the heart transplant scene, McG mentioned that it actually does not require the cutting edge technology that one would think would be needed. He mentioned how he spoke to guys in Iraq and Afghanistan about performing major surgeries on the field, and even on top of hotel buildings, where the air is fresher.

And finally…………(drum roll)

McG officially announced that T5 is in production, and hes batting around some ideas. He mentioned many times during the screening that he is out on the message boards across the internet, reading what us fans have to say, and he’s taking that into consideration. He knows that his idea for T5 isn’t popular among the majority of fans, and he said there are other options he’s considering. He mention we may see more a global battle against Skynet next time around. He said that as long as there is an appetite for a fifth film, he’d do it, and he’d apply what he learned by making Salvation. He also mentioned Bale’s return, and that we may see more of Arnold and Robert Patrick in future films.

I’ve got to say there is quite a lot of good information thanks to Gino12689.

What can I say, this sequel talk comes less than a day after I found news about a REVEAL of the Terminator Franchise future come Feb 1 and no later.

And Halcyons statement that they have lots of intrest from major studios not to mention reconfiguration deals that could be in place also.

The series could therefore be staying either with WB…the Producers themselves or perhaps moving to Sony how had GREAT overseas results.

The fact that McG is moving ahead with his T5 story in some shape or form just adds fuel to the fire…and a possible Trilogy topper as well.

Well I’m on for at least T5…we’ll see where the series goes from there.

This just in courtesy of Moviehole.

And speaking of all things “Terminator”, I’ve been informed Christian Bale “likely won’t be back” as John Connor for the next installment – in fact, anyone and everyone associated with “Salvation” will likely cash in their return tickets. But that probably won’t surprise anyone – especially considering how woeful “Salvation” turned out, thus the likelihood that the new buyer of the franchise will be keen to ‘start afresh’.

See this Moviehole news…let’s see if we come back to this within this next year. I bet we will.

Long ass post…anyhoo…oh wait Gino added more…

I forgot to mention, McG did talk about the Director’s Cut.

He said he originally wanted to include 30-40 min of extra scenes, but he said that he is a firm believer in that the theatrical cut if a film should always be the the “Director’s Cut”.

Granted, an alternate version of the film does exist, but it’s only 3 minutes longer, and McG was very happy with the theatrical cut. He put together the R-rated cut because he really like Bloodgood’s topless scene, as it was a connection between Marcus and Blair.

When pressed further about the other deleted scenes, he didn’t give many details, leading me to believe that there will be a re-release down the road.

Okay this is it I swear.

Ross Out.