One of the neat little tricks I’ve learned to do when tackling a rewrite/reboot upcoming project is to find pictures of the actors/people you see inhabiting the role. If you can find video clips all the better because you can hear the person and how they speak making your writing more natural.

This is a variation on another technique used to make locations in your writing, whether for a script or a manuscript more natural and involving to the reader.

Since it’s a reboot/rewrite of an established property you generally want to keep the actor or actresses close to the looks of the original characters but it’s not a must.

I’m going to share with you now pictures of my recast for The Terminator.

First of all for The Terminator himself being a Brit I felt inclined to choose a Brit.

Yeah I'm a Terminator

Jason Statham is The Terminator

Choosing Jason Statham was pretty much a no brainer for me. He’s tough, a total ass kicker, and would work very well just being really fucking intimidating.

Next up is my choice for Kyle Reese…

Kyle Reese

Gaspard Ulliel is Kyle Reese.

I chose this picture to show off the coloration of his eyes and his angular face. Gaspard actually has a great short haircut look that matches up with T1’s Kyle quite well. I just think Gaspard has the right look for the Kyle I’m going to bring to life in the Rewrite project.

Next up is Sarah Connor…

Sarah Connor

Jillian Michaels is Sarah Connor.

Not only does Jillian Michaels share a STRONG resemblance to Linda Hamilton but she also has a mouth to match and is not afraid to use it. She also has a great physique which will be handy come T2 time. She’s a hardass.

So how about Det. Vukovich then…

Lt. Vukovich

Steve Buscemi is Lt. Vukovich

(Hey I miscaptioned my caption).

This is the only guy who has ever sprung to mind to play Vukovich. He’s the only one I’d consider at all.

Lt. Traxler is next…

Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker is Lt. Traxler

Forest Whitaker is such an outstanding actor. And once again he reminds me to a certain extent of Lt. Traxler from the original The Terminator.

Last in the T1 section for now is Dr. Peter Silberman…

Dr. Peter Silberman

Ian Holm is Dr. Peter Silberman.

I’ll freely admit that no actor readily came to mind to replace Dr. Silberman however I’m quite happy with the choice of Ian Holm. I think he could make a really dastardly Dr. Silberman.

Just for a bit of fun I started to cast a T2 Rewrite.

I have thus far filled one role.

Here’s Dr. Miles Bennet Dyson…

Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle is Miles Bennet Dyson

This was a very easy choice. Not only is Don Cheadle a favorite actor of mine but he bears a very good resemblance to Dyson in T2.

This sort of practice can help any writer to have a good idea of their characters before they write a single line of dialogue. And it also helps to get the creative juices flowing.

Ross Out.