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The Schemer who sunk himself.

Congratulations Russell in a reveal that last night shocked just about everyone in America (including me) you lost the million dollars. In turn you became an especially sore looser.

However thinking about it in retrospect and looking back on the season Russell has only one person to blame for his loss, and that’s himself.

There was all this talk about Russell and how he’s playing the game like no one has before him. And to a certain extent this is true and beyond that is what led to his eventual defeat.

First of all we’ve seen a great many play the game as Russell did but just a little more low key, okay a LOT more low key. Russell began by forming alliances of bull you know what with every member of his own tribe.

This was deemed a move of genius by people everywhere, but the only thing I thought is that he was setting himself up for a fall. Really Russell do you think that none of your team mates discussed these meetings with you with each other?

The key is that Russell was entirely too confident of his greatness, he was too certain of his eventual victory. This surety caused him to do a number of things that any smart player would not have done.

1: He flaunted his greatness.

In fact he wallowed in it, for the longest of times he wallowed in his great splendor. Did he really discount that his fellow players had eyes, ears and minds of their own? Apparently so seeing as how this flaunting/wallowing of greatness just got more and more silly as the season progressed.

2: Telling Mick he made a cool 1.7 Million last year.

On no planet is this a smart move, these people didn’t need any more ammo to deny Russell the million should he make the final 3 but this revelation certainly didn’t help his chances one bit. But it was fun to see the Russell equivalent of a scramble as he scared the crap out of his teammates to find out who had squealed to whom about the revelation.

3: He voted out his only chance of victory in Shambo.

As much as Russell feared having Shambo with him in the finals getting her voted out was practically the the final nail in his coffin. As the reunion showed had he taken Shambo with him to the final three he would in fact have won out. His narrow mindedness during the game led to this huge game play blunder.

4: That final opening statement.

Russell, Russell, Russell. The last thing you want to do is remind people of how much of an underhanded smeghead you’ve been the entire competition. Even if that was your revolutionary game plan, just reminding people of how underhanded you’ve been is not going to help you win a million. It’s going to dig your own grave for your own coffin.

5: Throwing Natalie under the bus.

Just because someone else has a different but no less smart way to get to the top doesn’t mean its right…or even more on point right…to once again self aggrandize yourself and toss her under the figurative bus. Once again not only is it classless (when you freely admit that it’s totally unlike how you really are), but it also leaves another bad image in peoples minds.

When I watched the Early Show this morning Russell went on and on about how he was the Quarterback and he led his team to victory he should’ve won because he played a tougher game.

Did he really?

Aside from his Hidden Immunity Idol 6th sense, and erm nothing else new. Combined with what others have done before maxed out to levels of absurdity. I’d say you were marked as a looser from Day One.

In fact to take your quarterback analogy and take it to the correct conclusion. You were the quarterback that cost his team over and over again. You made a number of fumbles, and constantly put the spotlight on yourself. And not only that but your final game winning pass was intercepted and ran back for a touchdown by the smarter more cunning Cheerleader.

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The fair and square winner.

Russell you only have yourself to blame for loosing the 1 million bucks. Get off your pity parade float, and show your children what it’s like to accept defeat with dignity. It’s the least you can do after showing them how not to act for 39 days.

Ross Out.