It is encredibly Ironic that my two most anticipated moves of 2009 were both much stronger films in earlier iterations.

Terminator Salvation and Avatar both felt like huge swaths were chopped and excised or in the case of Avatar perhaps streamlined. All of this hacking and changing was a detriment to both films however I feel that Terminator Salvation ended up (surprisingly) being the better of the two by far imho.

Terminator Salvation

In case you missed what Terminator Salvation could have been here’s Devin from’s article.The Terminator Salvation that could and perhaps should have been.


And here is Devins new article about Project 880 the scriptment for Avatar. Avatar as a much more complete Cameron experience.

I think the ironic thing is that both films could have been immeasurably better, but due to lack of faith (in Salvations case) and lord only knows in the case of Avatar, both films suffer.

Of the films as they are now, and having seen both, I can freely admit I was exceptionally disappointed by Avatar. And relived that I find much more to admire and frankly feel emotionally in Salvation.

Ross Out.