You know as a technical achievement Avatar is, as it stands, the best movie of all time. However it is quite obvious that a lot was missing from the film, I’m not the only Cameron fan or simple movie reviewer that matter that noticed an appalling lack of plot or character development. Almost like Cameron filmed a brilliant story and then sucked out the center. Leaving just a thin crust.

I was so sure of this I practically stated (pointing to Devins Project 880 article at CHUD) that a lot was removed only a few hours ago.

And now I find there is very concrete proof that a whole slew was removed.

How much you ask?

One of the VFX artists who worked on Avatar had this to say.

…It was great to see your work on the screen after so many years of hard work but I mean there was a whole lot, a whole, WHOLE lot that was cut out and that was painfull to watch… I know there has been some qualms about a lack of story and character development, I mean it’s 2:40 and there is some good stuff in there, but if people had seen the 4 hour cut there would be absolutely no complaints at all. It’s just that there is a limit as to what people are willing to sit through…

So basically they cut practically one and a half HOURS from Avatar.

There is no way to remove so much footage and not seriously affect a story.

LONG Audio interview with Avatar VFX guys.

It’s a damned shame that so much was excised from the film especially when it could have made the story and characters as exceptional at the technical mastery of the film.

Ross Out.