Or you’ll come off like an idiot.

Jim Cameron and Suzy Amis in 3D Specs

Too late.

Jim further sullies my used to be fantastic opinion of him. This is just silly I know you’re better than this.

Even if a fan is following you along a public thoroughfare at the airport and bothering you (to get an autograph on his Avatar poster) all it takes is you to take the fans pen, and scribble your john Hancock.

You don’t need to be a jerk about it.

But no you go into calm cursing mode.

Declining him first with this epithet.

“f–king a–hole,”

As usual it get’s worse from there.

“I don’t owe you a f–king signature . . . just get out of my f–king personal space.”

Holy Cow Jim.

Granted the guy goes over the top but James…just sign the poster. It would take you all of 10 seconds.

You’re a mega director…in a public space…just sign the poster or decline gracefully.

That said…if this is how you communicate in real life I can understand where this horrible dialogue comes from.

Ross Out.