That I have answers for.

Oh yes indeed there is an almost unhealthy level of hate for Terminator Salvation or at least for parts of it. Of course such a thing should not be surprising, it was practically hated from its inception. New Production Company, Announcing of McG as the director, the UNFORTUNATE leaking of a far superior ending.

Of course I should state that hate of all movie additions to the Terminator franchise has come most vocally from Diehard James Cameron fans. Of which I used to be a card carrying member until I realized that well his films and therefore writing were just not nearly as good as I had found them to be when I was younger. But the Cameron Fanbase is loud and strong, and to be entirely honest I think that NOTHING AT ALL could ever really make them truly care about Terminator anymore bar or course James Cameron coming back.

And making TERMINAVATAR AKA Terminator with Avatar Tech.

I was quite amazed when that hate became more tempered with the release of the Teaser Trailer.

Needless to say the news as far as I could tell was encouraging folks were giving the film a chance.

Then the next trailer hit and again, people were impressed.

Then the film hit.

The film set in the future war that everyone wanted.

But it’s not the same. It’s not in 2029

And you thought it would be because Johns lines in the trailer told you it wouldn’t.

So let’s see what the other “problems” were.

Skynet knows about Kyle Reese and John Connor…but not out of necessity their importance to one another.

What’s going one with you guys? You mean you don’t like to think? Come on there are at least 5 ways this is possible based on things that are done, said or shown during the movie. If you’re blaming things you don’t like on the movie simply because you don’t like the option to figure things out for yourself- then you’ll be hating a lot more films than simply Terminator Salvation.

The Resistance keep their planes in a hangar…that’s just stupid.

If my planes and helicopters were welded together falling apart relics that I wouldn’t want to see damaged I’d keep them inside too. It also eliminates wear and tear that the elements can bestow upon mechanical equipment even if they have oh cammo netting draped over them in a tent like fashion.

Why do the Humans never attack in Machine territory (except at the end) or Machines strike at the only Resistance Base we see?

Because this is a different war than we’re used to. We also don’t know a lot of details about extenuating circumstances. Not many missiles are used, why, because there probably aren’t many. Not to mention the fact that at this time of the war projectile ammunition would be tight for humans unless they stole them from machine factories. Also the Human resistance cannot afford to loose many aircraft…they’re exceptionally lucky to have what they do. Therefore neither side can afford to take a huge risk. While the Machines arguably are the only ones that come out with a true victory.

Why not try and kill Kyle Reese?

Apparently you really weren’t paying attention because not only did Skynet try and kill Kyle on a number of occasions (two around the 7-11 and ensuing chase), but he was nearly SMASHED against a parked school bus. And could easily have been shot by a out of control T-600. Skynet constantly tried to kill Kyle Reese. Why Skynet stopped trying in the finale is because the screenwriters chickened out.

What’s with Kate doing heart surgery? And how the hell is that heart going to work out anyway?

First of all Kate ISN’T INVOLVED with the heart surgery. That’s the whole point of her saying Have the Surgical team ready. when the helicopter is lifting off the ground.

Part two we don’t know that it will, realism dictates that with a healed fractured ankle (T3) and a new heart that may or may not be accepted by his body. Bar a miracle…John is going to have serious issues.

I know there’s more…but this will have to do.

Ross Out