I’ve seen many arguments that without Kyle Reese there can be no John Connor. The only thing I have to say to these people, and that is, you are entirely incorrect. The odds of John Connor always being fathered by Kyle Reese are, to be frank, not very good at all.

Regardless of what time travel scenario you use to explain the Terminator Series, there always has to be a first iteration. This timeline is one that is NOT sullied by things from the future. In which not just John Connor, but his children and his childrens children fight against Skynet.

Eventually with enough loops through the time line, changes occur or perhaps each time travel creates an alternate Earth. Whichever the case may be, eventually the fighting becomes more focused around John Connor.

This John Connor or any of them for that matter need not have been created in part by the horizontal work of one Sgt. Kyle Reese. In fact the odds are good that only ONE John was…and that’s the current one.

Even in T1 Kyle says he comes from “One possible future”.

The John that led the war he just fought was almost certainly NOT of Kyles lineage. Why would I say that? Because as far as we know this is the first time that Kyle Reese has come back through time. This is the start of a new series of events in the past leading to a new John Connor.

Such postulations lead to another obvious question. Since this John that was not Kyle and Sarah’s child seems to have led the humans to victory. Could not the John that comes from their paring do the opposite?

Of course.

This also means in the big scheme of things that it doesn’t matter who fathers John Connor as long as mankind wins the war under his tutelage.

It is quite readily apparent that in each version of the future John Connor has led humanity in the war against the Machines.

Each of these John’s had to be different, for they came from different fathers.

Now it is John born of Kyle. Does that mean that Kyle must live in order to go back and father this John all over again?

No since he’s already done that and died it would make no difference one way or the other.

If the makers of the next Terminator film have any guts whatsoever, they’ll take a new future and run with it. Connor as he is certainly if there’s any logic won’t make it to the end of the future war with all of his medical issues. Why should Kyle?

In my opinion, whether I sound like a machine or not: He created an inferior John Connor.

Give John a new father.

Ross Out.