You know I was letting the extremely superfluous plot of the over the top money grosser Avatar ruminate in my mind just today (it didn’t take long).

However I did notice something quite alarming that I missed before.

I blame this on being totally uninvolved with the plot and characters of the film. (I had to look up Trudy’s name).

When Quaritch et al light up Hometree with their missiles and Trudy says “I didn’t sign up for this” over her open mic and hightailed it for home nothing happens.

Let me say that again.

When EVERYONE including her gunner are firing on Hometree she announces over the OPEN MIC that she’s deserting them.

And nothing happens to her.

As far as we can tell when she comes to spring Sully and the rest of the good guys from the brig…nothings happened to her.

Of course it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why she…say…wasn’t thrown into the brig herself for deserting her forces.

Cameron wanted a big cheer moment reveal to start the final act.

And I certainly cheered…because it was almost over.

However the moment itself makes no sense whatsoever…and personally at the showing I went to there were about as many “What the fucks!” as “YEAH’S!”

I mean seriously…hard ass Quaritch who’s been busting everybodies ass who even thinks to side with the locals does NOTHING. This is over someone who ANNOUNCED she was a DESERTER over the open air during an all out attack over open airwaves.

Bull and shit Mr. Cameron.

Ross Out.