***This message is encoded and cannot be traced***

If you are reading this…YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE!

Jan. 3, 2019

RE: ResistNet

TO: All Survivors

This is a message from John Connor commander of the Resistance. I’m sorry we’ve been quiet for an extended period of time but it should be quite obvious now that the success of our attack on Skynet City (San Fransisco) was questionable at best.

Skynet managed to wipe out the leaders of the Global Resistance in a surprise attack while I was liberating over 100 humans from Skynet City. We suffered casualties and loss.

So did Skynet.

That said Skynet was able to field it’s latest units, they were not T-800’s as I first thought although there are undoubtedly some out there as I speak. T-700’s though whould not be taken lightly. They are about the size of an average human and thusly will be able to infiltrate Resistance locations much more easily. They are also very tough and hard to take down, if you do engage one in combat best to use something explosive.

We have Resistance Technical engineers working on some Plasma Weapons we pried off a couple of dead Moto’s. Hopefully it can jumpstart some plasma weapons on our side.

For the foreseeable future I’ll be communicating over ResistNet, this is due to the need to maintain a low level of radio comms chatter. Giving even a hint that we’re still alive would bring down a whole load of hell.

Hold strong, this is a war we can all win if we fight together with a common goal.

My name is John Connor.

If you’re reading this you ARE the Resistance!

***Communication Ends***