I’ve recently received from numerous e-mails from people that worked on Terminator Salvation. These folks were on the set daily and wanted to set the record straight about the reality of Terminator Salvation. These folks are fans of the series who would like to remain nameless however they want the world to know that a LOT was cut from Terminator Salvation.

What I’m going to do is write a description of the scenes in the order they would’ve been had they not been sliced out of the film.

1: We have a scene of the Priest walking up to Marcus cell along with dialogue (probably reading from the Bible etc.)

2: Opening narration with John Connor (most likely some decent explanation on this future, and how this future came to be and what’s going on now. Odds are this was replaced by the text introduction.)

3: A conversation between Connor and Jericho before Connor hooks his line and jumps down the hole like a suicidal lemming. (Because of this scene being cut the only time we see him is dead.)

4: A small conversation in the flooded tunnel between the soldiers before the T-1 Attacks.

5: A shot of the soldiers in the silo (and perhaps civilians) before Skynet blows the place. (Whilst we experience the amazing first helicopter flight and crash.)

6: Connor getting picked up at the recovery zone by the Osprey, he greets a number of soldiers.

7: Extended conversation between Ashdown and Connor (subjects included are T-800’s and Sarah Connor.)

8: Back at H.Q. John and Kate sharing some downtime in bed talking about Kyle and again the coming T-800’s.

9: Some dialogue between Kyle and Marcus at the Griffith Observatory was cut.

10: Marcus dream that night, fast cuts of Serena and Surgeons. (This reminds me of the flashbacks of Marcus being made into a Hybrid from the 2006 draft.)

11: Marcus is asleep and when he wakes up finds Star draped across him. He gets up without disturbing her and begins to pull parts out of various cars.

12: Len, the hesitant Resistance fighter at the 7-11 gets killed before the Harvester starts grabbing everyone.

13: Conversation between Virginia, Kyle, and Star about Star inside of the Transporter.

14: While they carry Marcus into the operating room after he gets blown up by a mine he has a few snaps of flashbacks being operated on/his heart taken out.

15: There is a small conversation between Blair and Marcus in ventilation shaft before he hits off the man-hole cover.

16: After the conversation with Ashdown over radio in the Airforce base Connor gives Barnes C4 to blow up the comms towers. Connor goes to the short wave radio to start giving his speech to the resistance.

If that’s not enough, the changes become major now, and man is there a lot going on that was cut.

17: There is a HUGE conversation before Connor goes to Skynet. (There’s a very awkward cut in the theatrical release where you can tell something was excised just before John and Kate start to kiss. This was the day Bale had his rant.) This is an important conversation Kate has with John as he is preparing. They talk about how much they love each other and how important they are to one another and about their unborn child.

18: After Marcus gets accepted by the gun turret he climbs the North Wall of Skynet and, he hides in an old church. A Skynet bulldozer comes and knocks it down while running over skulls.

19: As Connor rides the moto-terminator across the bridge, it is revealed that the bridge is blown out in the center and barely holding together. He uses a grappling hook to get across the bridge as the moto-terminator falls into the raging waters below.

20: Marcus makes progress outside Skynet. Sees a bunch of T-600s. Looks up at a building, sees lights on the 5th floor. Sneaks inside.

21: Marcus is on the 5th floor and spots a Hybrid male working at the computer console. He working very fast, busy checking this and that. He spots Marcus and responds to him warmly. Marcus looks at him and throws him out the window, the hybrids’ neck is severed. Marcus then goes to the console.

There’s a great difference now in this next scene.

22: When Marcus is done at the console we hear Serena say Hello to Marcus. Serena is a Hybrid and in person. She has a personal T-800 that places Marcus in the chair. Their conversation is not all that different from the one you hear in the movie. Lots more though.
She kisses him. He gets out of the chair and they continue to talk.

Cut to: Different conversation in the submarine with Ashdown. A harvester goes into the water and crushes the ship. We see Ashdown die.

Cut to: Marcus gets mad and goes to kill her and gets knocked away by a robotic arm and thrown by the T-800. Marcus rips out Serenas micro-chip at the back of her neck. The robotic arm then takes her for human and rips her apart.

23: (Might not have been filmed) Connor sneaks into Skynet. He sees everyone being tested on not a pretty picture. He Spots a T-600 and hides. The T-600 looks into an elevator shaft and Connor rigs the Elevator to blow. The elevator comes down and cuts the T-600 in two.

24: After Kyle looks for Star and they find Connor they blow up the wall. Before they go to the terminator factory the hole in the wall actually leads to prisoner holding pens. Connor of course releases the prisoners. They get chased again by the T-800, blow up another wall, see a shaft, then jump down.

25: Kate, Blair and Barnes decide to go after John. Kate grabs a shotgun. (Which reminds me of Bryce saying at Comic-Con she got to shoot a shotgun Sarah Connor Style) They land the helicopter as Kate shoots a T-600. They see all the human prisoners escape. They get Kyle, Star and Virginia and ask where John is. Barnes and two other soldiers go after John. They see Marcus fighting another T-800 after Marcus had been carrying John out. Barnes hands him a machine gun and Marcus kills the T-800.

26: (Alternate Version) We see Barnes and Marcus carrying out Connor. They wonder how to get all the prisoners out of there. They tell Barnes to get out and hotwire the Transporter. Blair has a problem with the rotor from the helicopter. Marcus is able to fix it by holding the ruel line closed by hand. Barnes goes to the transporter. Virginia sacrifices herself.

27: As Barnes is getting everyone into the Transporter a Harvester comes. Marcus spots it and uses the Helicopter Gun to shoot the Harvester while in Terminator mode.

28: Kyle buries Marcus while wearing Connors jacket. He reaches into the pocket and takes out the photo of Sarah Connor. Photo morphs back into John. Push away to Soldiers getting into Helicopters. They fly away as the camera heads back down over Marcus’s grave. Fade to black.

As you can tell a LOT was cut and therefore the picture is markedly different than what COULD still come with a double dip.

Ross Out.