This is unprecedented, Avatar fans are pretty much seeing a film, getting high on life through it and then returning to reality and getting depressed (and in some cases suicidal). Ironically in a rebuttal to Smoking in Avatar Cameron said this was in fact part of the plan to show how the world is more hooked into fantasy then living in reality.

The scary thing is they’re going right back to see it again like a druggie getting their fix.

The Avatar withdrawl and Depression Thread

To me this story is rather humorous. I mean the fact that people are becoming so fixated on Avatar that they get depressed when they realize they can’t travel there and live there is bizarre.

I mean come on guys this is a place where the gasses that form the atmosphere can kill you within two minutes. It’s a place where flora and fauna are both exceptionally dangerous to humans. Where you’re likely to be gobbled up within 10 minutes of landing. The odds are you will not be welcomed there with open arms.

Oh just a sec let me interrupt this piece to bring you the OTHER thread to do with depression: Phase 2 of the Depression thread.
(The original was closed due to people coming in and messing around with these folks).

No where was I.

Oh yeah.

You would not be welcomed by the wildlife.

You will not be welcomed by the Natives.

Alright…so now that’s out of the way why would you want to go there?

Wouldn’t the safest way to visit Pandora…be through the movie itself.

Hell even were we to be able to go there, we wouldn’t be safe in GUNSHIPS!
Yeah looks like fun.
Case in point.
Who’s the light snack?

I would be exceedingly thankful that we even got this glimpse into a world that is not real. And would posit that the sane lover of Pandora wouldn’t want to visit in the first place.

Unless they WERE Depressed or Suicidal.

I’m done.

Ross Out.