It is flat out impossible.

As a Terminator fan this is quite depressing. I mean certainly we all think wen know how to write the perfect story, or follow up to something we’ve loved. I’ve written some myself, writing is what I do.

However if you were to include everything that every fan you talked to would want in your script; it would become a many headed hydra that would probably blow easily through a budget that would make James Cameron envious.

I’d argue that James Cameron got it the most perfect with T1, it was lean mean and frightening. It told a hard and fast story filled with emotion, violence, action and passion.

It was not burdened by needing to be a blockbuster.

And therein lies the problem and the possibility.

Every sequel generally goes bigger but not out of necessity better than its’ predecessor. I would arguably say that’s the case of T2. Because of how much of a superstar Arnie was even to the kids we got a kinder friendlier T-800 that was more a deadly chaperone than a Terminator.

We got action that didn’t know when to back off, a script that told us too much and didn’t leave anything to our own imaginations.

Terminator 3…went bigger but with a thankfully more minimalist script. So it got part of the equation right, unfortunately although the action was memorable, it sided on the cartoony. And the plot deviated from fan expectation.

Salvation I loved. Bare bones script, but characters I cared about in a world we’ve never seen. Yes it had issues (deviation from fan expectation, plot holes from rewrites) but I felt as if it explored its new world very well. And I wanted to see more of it.

Come February we’ll know who owns the franchise, and we might have an idea of where they’re planning to go.

However I can tell you this, no matter who writes the script, it will still not be the perfect Terminator script. No matter how carefully planned or plotted it is, no matter who does or does not become involved in the process. They cannot and will not satisfy everyone.

However I implore them not to try to satisfy everyone, and just to write and intelligent, vibrant, detailed enough script.

Getting that much right is half the battle.

Evolution of Terminator

Start here…you can’t go wrong.

Ross Out