K2: The Most dangerous Mountain in the world.

Back in 1991 Hanz Zimmer scored the motion picture K2 however if you have the U.S. copy of the film you’ll notice that his name is absent from the credits and in its place is the name of another composer…Chaz Jankel.

The truth behind the matter is that the film did have TWO separate and distinct soundtracks. Chaz music was attached to the film in most places with Hans music being used almost exclusively in Europe.

Both soundtracks are very good. Both capture the majestic glories and fearful realities of climbing the most dangerous mountain in the world. But because of the interesting dual score nature of the film is it very hard to find Hans Zimmers epic score.

The film brilliant and eventually copies of Hans Zimmers score were released under the title of K2: Music inspired by the Film.

And in typical Zimmer fashion is is huge, grandiose and powerful. It is also only two tracks long.

When the music was turned into a score the producer of the album took the tracks for The Ascent and the tracks for The Descent and grouped them together.

1. The Ascent (27:39)
2. The Descent (13:41)

Total Time ~ 41:22

This is truly exceptional and how music should be heard. Two soaring tracks that just could go on forever as far as I’m concerned.

Here’s a youtube link to a short 7 min segment of parts of The Ascent track.

Unfortunately in my travels I lost my copy. A problem I hope to remedy eventually.

Ross Out.