Well now that I’m in So. Cal again I plan on revisiting Pandora.

I’m hoping the following things will enable me to have a more enjoyable experience:

1: Since I already know that the story is at best a let down, I can try and ignore that.
2: Since I’m going to be in a better theater I’ll have better sound and picture quality and a larger screen.
3: I know how some of the CGI isn’t as awesome as it could be so I won’t be as let down.
4: I now have the script from 2007…and I have to deal with the fact that a TON of sruff was excised to keep the running time reasonable. Of course that’s a blessing also because it cuts down on a TON of really badly written exposition.

I read on the CHUD.com messageboards that Avatar would work exceptionally well as a silent film. I don’t know if I’d quite make it silent…but I’d certainly excise the human dialogue. While keeping the other sound fx.

I think that would improve things dramatically.

Ross Out.