*Spits coffee at screen.*

And I’m at the library damnit.


This hackneyed, lovechild or cloning experiment of other older scripts is somehow original?

Not only is this scripts SOLE original idea the Setting, but it even changes the rules at the end of the script so the locals can overcome the Military Invaders.

Oh wait I’ve got it now!

To get the same notice for my script work…I must have two films over 1 Billion each in B.O. take and write excrutiatingly BANAL dialogue. And rip off many better scripts from years past!

I mean come on James it’s not like we haven’t seen the rallying cry scene in Bravehart.


Original Story from Slashfilm.

The “Original” Script
Yes you can save it if you feel so inclined.

This is an atrocity as there were more and better original scripts out there than Avatar and that they got looked over for this is just sad.

Ross Out.