Not really, no.

The plot is still insanely boring and predictable. The characters are almost either blindingly good or dastardly evil.

And the only thing that has any Dimension Is the Planet itself in stunning 3-D.

I saw it with better sound…which only helped the horrible dialogue and massive explosions and other sounds get major league improved (aurally).

And with a bigger screen and brighter projection I was even more able to appreciate the insane detail that makes up Pandora and a great many of the effects shots.

However I still felt hugely detached from the characters, it was like I was following a computer player I was controling…and not giving a shit about it at all. The whole thing felt like a series of cut scenes. beatutiful to be sure but very hollow and uninvolving.

Oh and whoevers idea it was to put such an ugly ass not to mention Green version of the movies title right at the end followed by the atrocious I See You by Leona Lewis…needs to be shot.

Yes I get the idea of having the title at the end…he’s waking up to the new colorful world through new eyes…not that hard to get really. However shouldn’t the oepening title have been in a much more subdued color like grey or red…representing the destroyed earth and seeing things through our human eyes. Then haveing a green or even better BLUE title at the end would make much more sense.

Technologically it’s fantastic.

I would be blown away to see a Terminator film using such tech.

However the techonlogy should be used to tell a story…not overwhelm a story into submission.

Ross Out