What writers all wish...
Ahh hope springs eternal.

When writing a sequel or a reboot or a relaunch for an existing series Terminator in this case one must remember a key point of contention.

You can please some people most of the time and most people some of the time…but no people all of the time.

Don’t try it.

You can never and will never please all people.

Hardcore fans especially.

The most important thing to do when writing in this position is to tell a compelling story. If you work hard, and by that I mean take more than a few months to plan even the outline of your story, then you’re already doing far beeter than most screenwriters today.

In fact generally speaking I take on average a total of 2 years on each fanscript I write. 5 Page single sentence outline, extended outline, Treatment, Scriptment about 6 months of research. First draft…2nd draft and more if I have to.

The more time you take to hone your story the better it becomes.

Some writers don’t have that kind of grace period or time to write. You might be hired to write something when a company buys the rights…say for example The Terminator Rights.

Just because you’re on the clock doesn’t mean you can get away with NOT taking the time to do research.

Do outlines, watch the films, read interviews, blogs, messageboards.

We know you do already.

And remember one more very important point closing:

Don’t follow the leads of big time fans all the time. Or in baseball terms, don’t just pitch fastballs. Curveballs, knucklers and change-ups…not to mention sliders should be included for maximum enjoyment.

Ross Out.