Being that I follow all real world stories that have any connection to the Terminator series when I read This Article today it made me ponder the threat of Nuclear War.

Many people have made the case that such an event was unlikely at best, especially with the U.S. and Russia signing documents to cut down on the ammount of Nuclear Weapons that exist within the next three years.

However now two of the people who worked on the original Nuclear Winter studies have both better technology, climate models and numbers and have found out that things are even more sobering than once thought. Simply put, the large countries don’t even have to be involved in an exchange to bring about Nuclear Winter.

All we need is two countries that are on a razors edge with each other say…India and Pakistan, as this article suggests to generate a Nuclear Winter scenario by launching their full compliment of Nukes at one another.

It’s a pity this link doesn’t lead to the full dialogue of the article because it’s fascinating not to mention chilling implications put humans firmly on the brink without any killer robots involved.

We’re talking overcast/dark skies for at the very least 10 years, drops in temperature, catastrophic loss of crops. Oh and the Ozone layer would be so fucked it would be in the same sorry state as that over Antarctica.

Humans would have fun surviving that, once again, with or without killer robots.

Ross Out