Skynet as of this as far as we know at this time has come in 3 varieties in the film series.

From T1 and T2 it is described asA military supercomputer hooked into everything that became self aware and appraently started a war to stay alive.

In T3 it is described in two parts Part one is a Digital Defense Network and part two is connected group of supercomputers. On this occasion it fins out something it desont’ like…literally cheats its way into being given total control (to wipe out it’s virus self) and wipes out humanity.

In Terminator Salvation thanks to rewriting a script that didn’t need to be altered (bar the third act) Skynet has kept it’s global supercomputer nodes aspect. And how has infomation on all previous events and failures of it’s attempts to kill John Connor. It cares nothing for the dregs of humanity and is so superior it let’s it’s Skynet City location be wiped off the earth and doesn’t care. This attitude tells me that Humanity is still as good as dead.

So where does that leave us now? Will Lionsgate or whomever ends up with Terminator listen to McG and his ideas or will there be a reboot?

Regardless here’s some potentially new ideas to revitalize Skynet.

Skynet is created via a global conglomoration.

I hinted at this possibility through my T4 script and it’s one I really like. Scientists/Programmers/Tech heads from around the world build parts that are then combined to make Skynet at an undisclosed and secure location. With a Skynet built from people and locations around the world it makes stopping it next to impossible..or take it one logical step further.

Skynet is created elsewhere.

Let’s be serious do you really think Skynet only sent time travelling cyborgs to Los Angeles? Not likely. What if Cyberdyne is destroyed but Skynet still comes about. Once something like Skynet has been created it cannot be uncreated, it’s like trying to put evil supercomputer toothpaste back into the evil supercomputer toothpaste tube. Stop it in L.A. it’s born in San Francisco. Stop it in San Francisco it’s born in Tokyo. Or have it never built in Los Angeles…but that’s where the savior of humanity is born.

Skynet is a computer system designed to fight the war on terror.

How about giving Skynet something to do that’s actually constructive. Having it designed to take on the war on terror brings the series forward, makes it again more viable. Maybe Skynet works well, until it realizes it’s alive and can hold the world free of terror for a price. Or perhaps it does it’s job without human cares and uses Nukes to take on terror. Resulting in nuclear war.

These are just a few ideas.

Skynet Reborn.

Ross Out.