Alright so Avatar just became the biggest grossing movie EVER. That’s tight.

Cameron is even praising everyone involved this time and not making the “King of the World” silliness raise it’s ugly head again. (In fact in a business Weekly interview I read the other day…he admits that that was really damned lame).

But what the hell is next in movie tech.

Many major releases are either being filmed in 3-D or revers engineered in some SFX tech lab to be reborn into 3D films. Hey I see in 3-D every waking moment what is it that makes it so damned special anyway?

I mean there are some things that work great in 3-D. like the awesome first shot of Avatar and it’s simple water droplet. And some things I’d rather not see, I’d say Jean Reno’s giant schnozz (some shots in the best action movie ever Leon…do not need 3-D treatment).

Here’s a few possibilities.

Immerse-O-Vision: I mean seriously folks here’s a great idea. You know how scientists are CONTINUALLY putting electrodes into brains and stimulating pathways to do amazing things. (They really can make you happy downstairs if you catch my drift).

Well imagine if they could tap into the psychosis of the different characters and make you experience what the characters are experiencing EXACTLY. You want the viewer the see things from the Psycho Killers perspective…trigger it. You want the viewer to feel pantswettingly scared…literally, trigger it. You want to make the viewer feel that bullet whizzing by…trigger it.

Hrrm…that could get a little intense and dangerous for the viewers around you so we’d need-.

Protect-A-Seat The P-A-S would be designed to comfortably restrain each moviegoer. You see if such things as above were triggered we’d end up with a bung of dead , formerly bullet ducking, crazed ex- psychopaths. I mean we want people to ENJOY the movies…and pay out the ass for them. Having the audience killing each other doesn’t help overall grosses.

Of course after seeing a film the viewer would liekly need PSYCHOLOGICAL help, but that would come at extra charge.

Okay I’ll admit it, all I want to do is sit my ass in a theater and enjoy a film.

Not every film needs to be in 3-D, in fact I’d prefer it to be the exception rather than the rule.

Just because we can introduce new tech doesn’t mean we should.

However the sooner we can impliment: The Baby Rating Sensor and Medical Cell Allowance only tech the better.

Ross out.