…Not anymore!

That’s right…not anymore.

You know I think E that’s right the letter E has been greviously overlooked in the past.

Now don’t get me wrong it’s used in a LOT of great words, and it is spoken just as often in sentences as most other letters. However it gets the shaft in two major avenues of life.

1: School Grades.
2: And movie review scales.

Take a good long look A…B…C…D…F

Get Out!

How could we skip over the E?!

Yeah I know F stands for Failure and Fugghedaboutit.

But are you saying we can’t use E to stand for something just as BAD.


Oh wait…I got it…


You know just so E doesn’t feel left out I’m gonna use it as a rating on my scales…if I ever use a letter rating for reviewing anything.

Now E will be ignored no longer!

Ross Out.