King Kong and a massive 35ft tall T-Rex are about to give Tourists at Universal Studios Hollywood a crash em smash em good time.

In 2008 a fire raged through the old King Kong attraction which was part and parcel of the Backlot Tram Tour at Univeral Studios. Now Universal is teaming up with PETER JACKSON to bring you and tramloads of tourists to Skull Island to witness a smackdown of epic proportions.

And it’s all going to be in 3-D!

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First of all planning went into effect just a few months after the fire and while there’s no price tag involved, Universal are saying it is costing more than 6 TIMES the cost of rebuilding the old Kong attraction.

A few more facts and then you can read the original article located at the end of the post:

Last year, park officials announced the partnership with Jackson to create the attraction, formally titled “King Kong 360 3-D, created by Peter Jackson.”

The new ape will resemble the Kong from the 2005 film, right down to the broken canine tooth and the scars over its right eye. Other creatures and scenes from the movie, including caves, giant bats and dinosaurs from Skull Island, will also appear on the four-story-tall screens.

When the attraction is complete, guests on the studio tour will board a tram that will enter a 200-foot-long soundstage, Johnson-Redrow said. Guests must don 3-D glasses for the 2 1/2 -minute attraction.

Inside the building, the tram will stop over a “tram-mover” system, powered by massive air bags that will lift, shake and drop the tram, giving guests the feeling of being jolted during the battle between Kong and the T. rex, she said.

The 180-foot-long screens will curve around the tram so that the 3-D images seem to surround the passengers. A system of fans, sprayers and other devices installed in the building will spew air, water and odors at park visitors to bring the images to life, she said.

Jackson, Letteri and others have been putting the final touches on the attraction where aviation legend Howard Hughes built the 200-ton plane known as the Spruce Goose in the 1940s.

Johnson-Redrow said tour-takers will see original material, created by Jackson specifically for the attraction.

“We are going to bring you to Skull Island,” she said. “We are going to bring you right in the middle of a knock- down, drag-out fight with a T. rex.”

“It’s going to feel like ‘Avatar’ but it will be happening all around you,” Leterri said.

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Sounds Tight as Cameron might say.

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