I’ll start with a quote from an interview with the director Scott Stewart from here.

I definitely tried to bring in that disconnect. I wanted to play around with the mythology of the Old Testament and the Old Testament view of God. There’s no Hell, no demons, no bifurcation of God. And because of that, I think this is a more psychologically complex God in the sense that He gets angry. If you mess up, he gets angry at you and he’s going to smite you. He’ll test you and he’ll do so in all sorts of different ways. And I try to let those scenes play out among those humans who are trapped in the diner too, there all these parent-child conflicts that give this story that allegorical quality. But it’s also just meant to be a fun, scary time.

Well all I have to say is that’s all well and good Sir but since when would God send down Angels to posess people?

That’s what Fallen Angels…AKA Demons do…and those Demons you so hopefully wish werent around in Old Testament times…certainly were.

And I’m shocked to see later in that interview that the Halo became the Collar that God uses to “keep track” of his Angels.

Hold on just a second the All Knowing All Powerful God who lives out of time and has experienced everything doesn’t know where his Angels are and needs a Heavenly Lojack to keep track of them. Please.

That said there is a shadow of a film here and that film is…The First Terminator film. Leigon is very similar to Terminator in elements of its story. I’m just very glad that Michael wasn’t there to create the baby he’s trying to save.

The film itself is forgettable…there is a reason this was dumped in the Jan Feb window. It wouldn’t survive anywhere else. I saw it in a hundred seat theater with 10 people in attendance. Nothing even remotely realistic happens, oh wait cars drive…that is realistic.

As for the rest of it, it would be humorous if it didn’t completley rewrite The Bible.

Here’s a hint if you want to see how God does bring Judgment on the earth when he finally gets tired of humanity…read the book of Revelation.

Ironically enough the book of Revelation would make for a much better apocalypse also.

Instead of getting a -1 this film gets a 0 for it’s admittedly cool Angel costume.

Ross Out.