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Well on the last day of bidding a second party has joined the present war over the rights to the Lucrative Terminator franchise.

I said a long time ago that Sony would be placing a bid and I am today proven correct.

IMHO Sony will outbid Lionsgate and this certainly makes for an interesting read if you look between the lines. It’s more than possible that Sony are not as confident in their Spider-Man reboot as they’d like us to think. And let’s not forget that Terminator Salvation did well overseas for Sony.

If Sony wins the rights, (which I believe they have to because I believe that lower bids than Lionsgate would not be accepted) than we could be seeing a continuation of the Future War series started with Terminator Salvation.

If this is the case and McG comes back to direct I want to be sure he understands that the fans expect much more from him than we got last time, even this fan.

Monday is Judgment Day so we’ll know either way soon.

The original story is here from Variety.

Ross Out