The twist and turns are getting even more convoluted in the Terminator Rights issue. The latest information points to the deal with Pacificor STANDING.

However Pacificor are smart people and know exactly what they’re up to.

According to The update at this link excerpted below Pacificor is doing the right thing for everyone involved. Except for McG.

What am I talking about?

Hre’s the update…I have bolded the good news and italicized the other good news.

[Update, 4 p.m.: Despite the rancor in court, Sony and Lions Gate have been given an exclusive window by Pacificor to negotiate to produce and distribute the next “Terminator” movie, according to a person familiar with the talks.

“We expect there to be a fair amount of interest,” said Wayne Flick, a lawyer for the hedge fund. “We know this is a very valuable franchise and, in the coming weeks, we will be considering all of the various options.”]

Also at Wednesday’s hearing, it was revealed that debt-ridden Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which previously had a first-look right to distribute “Terminator” movies, agreed to forgo those rights in the future in exchange for a $150,000 payment.

In addition, an attorney representing “Terminator Salvation” director McG argued that Pacificor and any producers it partners with should be forced to honor McG’s right-of-first-refusal to direct future sequels, which was part of his deal with Halcyon. The judge disagreed and said that if McG isn’t offered the opportunity to direct the next “Terminator” movie, his attorney can only file a claim against Halcyon in bankruptcy court.

Basically what’s going to end up happening bar some more craziness is that Sony/Lionsgate will Produce…AKA Make and Distribute the film in Theaters …for Pacificor.

Also the odds are higly in favor as far as I can tell for a back to the bones, heart, begginings of the story with a Reboot focusing more on characters than special effects.

Talk about switching from what the heck just happened to exceedingly interested.

More as things develop.

Ross Out.