Hey if you couldn’t tell I’ve given the blog an overhaul and a new name and description. The impetus was the new theme you see before you called Motion.

I’m just digging not only the look and style of the design but the ease of navigation. It’s very nice to look at and you can now browse through the history of the blog by category in a much easier fashion. I really dig the color choices and that it gives me a tiny place to put a custom image is just icing on the cake.

Right now it’s from T2 but I’ll change it pretty regularly.

Anyhow you can expect things to continue pretty much the same, I’m proud of the new look and the designer did a fantastic job.

Motion not only reflects well on the creators design skills but it also brings a high quality look and feel to the blog. It also puts forward how serious I am about this blog. And will continue to be.

Catch you on the flipside.

Ross Out.