And I’m really damned excited!

I’m also not sick anymore.

The Trilogy written by exceedingly reclusive, not to mention Brilliant author, John Twelve Hawks (which isn’t apprently his real name) is a Trilogy about two groups of people. A society that runs the U.S. and perhaps more by using a MASSIVE survealliance system to control the masses via constant observation. And an almost extinct group of rebels called The Travellers who can project their spirit into other dimensions and their protectors, the kick ass Harlequins.

If you haven’t read the trilogy and want to remain unspoiled any further I suggest that you don’t seek them out. While excellent I can only imagine how much more excellent it would be to see them having no idea about the series bar the little I revealed above.

The series has been compared, exceptionally well as far as I’m concerned to The Matrix and Star Wars in it’s scope and ass kicking nature.

The author John Twelve Hawks is so reclusive he’s never even met his Editor or Publisher face to face. And has only had contact with them over voice changing sattelite phones. He has used stand ins at book signings and events.

I’ll bring you more as I find out more. All I can say is that if adapted well they’ll be no disappoinment.

Fox has hired writer Alex Tse who co-wrote Watchmen to pen the script.

Original Story: Hollywood Reporter.

Ross Out.