I was just visiting and posting on the boards at TerminatorFiles which I’ve done for a number of years. And one of the folks that I enjoy verbally sparring with on the boards made the comment that Terminator Salvation was broken.

Stating that a film is broken is incredibly strong, not to mention that often one persons broken can be another persons “Are you kidding me compared to Transformers 2 Salvation was like refined Gold”.

To start with as if often the case in film/movie critique (or any critique for that matter) a lot of your feeling towards the thing in question are based on personal taste.

If you only count Cameron films as Terminator canon then you are more likely than not going to think that anything else is defective, sucks and is totally and wholly broken.

If on the other hand you agree with Cameron that the events of T1 and T2 are from one of many possible Future Outcomes then you have more accepting stance.

You are open to the chance that future films can expand on the previous in interesting ways, and to you those ways don’t have to fall in line with Camerons ideas of the Future War of T1/T2.

If you want to look into the past of T3 and try and find Tedi Sarafians original draft…just look for T3 Armageddon, it’s practically the same thing. Then watch T3 and tell me that what Ferris and Brancato rewrote it to isn’t worlds better.

On the flipside read this: Terminator_Salvation and tell me that the first two acts don’t make for a much bleaker more Terminator like story than what we got after all the rewrites.

Is Terminator Salvation broken?

Yes and no.

It all determines on your perspective.

Ross Out